exchange POLICY

exchange POLICY


This Return Policy is an effort by Willow Pet Palace to continuously provide the signature quality customer service that its patron has loved them for. This Policy will provide the Company’s employees, staff, and even the customers themselves with the procedures, guidelines, limitations, and legal considerations about the management of returned products in cases of issues regarding quality and condition of products and goods purchased from Willow Pet Palace.

This Policy will help and guide the Company’s employees, staff, and even the customers themselves, in the procedures, guidelines, limitations, and legal considerations on the management of returned products that are:

  • Defective in quality or production
  • Of the wrong size
  • Not identical to the product ordered
    This policy will NOT cover specific items or items under certain conditions, such as:
  • Perishables
  • Items that have been damaged or used by the customer
  • Items that are not in an identical state to when the customer received the product
  • Items that have exceeded 30 days from the date of purchase.
    Please note that change of mind is not considered a valid ground for returning a purchased product.
    Upon receiving the defective item, the said item will be subject to Willow Pet Palace’s policies and procedures of quality checking and damage assessment. Only upon close examination and confirmation of whether the conditions of the returned item are adhering to our return policy will it be considered eligible for a replacement/exchange.

Items purchased from the Company can be returned, exchanged, or refunded within thirty (30) days from the date of purchase. Customers must present the Item’s receipt or other proof of purchase to the officer-in-charge before a refund or exchange will take place. Items returned without a purchase receipt, beyond the return period, or in a condition beyond normal wear and tear will not be eligible for exchange or refund.

If a returned item is found to be wrong sized, defective or inferior in production quality, the said item is eligible for a replacement.
If an item you have recently purchased matches the description above, kindly follow the following steps to proceed with the exchange request:

  • Log in to your Willow Pet Palace account
  • Select ‘my account’ from the navigation bar on the homepage
  • On your account page, select the ‘orders’ tab on the left
  • Choose the defective item you wish to exchange from your recent orders
  • Select the ‘exchange’ button and fill out the description of the defect
  • Click on the submit button

Once the request has been submitted, Willow Pet Palace will contact you through email as soon as to inform you of the status of your exchange request.
Upon approval of your exchange request, you will have to pay a fee of $7.9 in shipping costs and get a return shipment label. Please note that Willow Pet Palace does NOT cover the cost of return shipping.

Refunds only apply to Items returned and where product exchange is impossible due to the unavailability of similar items. No refunds will be made without assessing or ascertaining the condition of the returned item or the availability of a replacement item by the officer-in-charge.

All Items subject to this Policy must be returned in their normal packaging condition or unused condition if purchased with damages or defects. The condition of all returned items will undergo a strict assessment process by the officer in charge.-

This policy is drafted and created by the management team of Willow Pet Palace under current US law concerning the consumer guarantees act (CGA).